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Company Name: CERACOM CO LTD
Website: http://ceracomb.co.kr/

Name of the Company: JINNYS CO LTD
Website: www.ilovejinnys.com

Name of the Company: WESS GLOBAL
Website: www.wessglobal.com

Name of the Company: HANSTECH
Website: www.hanstech.kr

Name of the Company: HEALTH FITNESS
Website: www.i-health.kr

Name of the Company: CLEANTON XEONIC
Website: wintechkorea.net

Name of the Company: DOKYEUNG 21
Website: www.airpot.kr

Name of the Company: TOKYO ELECTRON CO., LTD.
Website: www.tkelectron.com

Name of the Company: HONGIL INDUSTRY CO LTD
Website: www.hongilhose.co.kr


Name of the Company: EJ BIO

Name of the Company: JUNG COSMETICS
Website: www.jungco.co.kr

Name of the Company: HANIL CO., LTD
Website: www.hiccolor.com

Name of the Company: DAESAN
Website: www.daesaninotec.com

Name of the Company: SANDEUL FOOD

Name of the Company: INBODY
Website: www.inbody.com

Name of the Company: Mir G&I
Website: www.mirgni.com

Name of the Company: BAEJE
Website: http://www.bj1978.com/

Name of the Company: Century

Website: http://www.century-korea.com/

Name of the Company: DAEJIN

Website: http://decoria.co.kr/

Name of the Company: Naiffy Inc.

Website: https://pickzzi.com/

Name of the Company: Beakoksaeng

Website: http://www.baekoksaeng.co.kr/

Name of the Company: DECORIA

Website: http://www.decoriaconf.co.kr/

Name of the Company: BYCHEM

Website: https://www.bychem.com/

Name of the Company: KTE

Website: http://ikte.kr/

Name of the Company: SAMAH

Website: http://www.samah.co.kr/

Name of the Company: BUILDchem

Website: http://buildchem.co.kr/

Name of the Company: SOOYANGCHEMTEC

Website: http://www.sooyangchem.com/

Name of the Company: MAROCHIP

Website: http://marochip.co.kr/

Name of the Company: HL Cosmetics

Website: https://minso.co.kr/

Name of the Company: BIART

Website: http://biart.kr/

Name of the Company: HEPARAM

Website: https://www.heparam.co.kr/