Wintech is the only specialized company majoring in the research, development and production of hardware for windows and doors such as door handles, rollers, hinge, casement locks,… Wintech’s main products are automatic doors and automatic door devices. Currently, Wintech has exported its products to many countries around the world such as the US, Japan, Germany,

HANIL COMPANY is one of the leading enterprises in Korea in the field of high quality industrial pigments. Hanil Company’s products have expanded with glass, ceramic, ink and ceramic pigments, accounting for more than 60% of the domestic market share. Currently, Hanil Company is constantly developing and aiming to become a world leader in the

KTE, an eco-friendly flooring company Since our establishment in 2014, KTE has been manufacturing & supplying the quality products to the world’s leading flooring companies for many years. Over the past 8 years, KTE flooring products have received many domestic and international certifications. KTE is ranked in the top of the most advanced flooring in

Hongil Industrial is specialised manufacturing company of high quality hoses. The company has been developing and producing hose products applied patented technology for a long time As the result of recognition with high quality and excellence of the product, Hongil has supplied the products to leading clients such as Hyundai Steel, Mando corporation in Korea.


The leading PVC flooring tiles manufacturer in Korea, Daejin Co., Ltd., has been growing up for over 30 years with the brand name of DECORIA, through the efforts of endless quality control and renovation of production. They are supplying newly developed eco-friendly click products, loose-lay tiles, OA tiles, dryback, Acoustic, Ecomax and DSPC materials. Decoria