Woochangchem is a company that produces environmentally friendly PVC stabilizer compounds added when making PVC products. This stabilizer can prevent color change and HCI caused consecutively by conjugation. Besides, it increases the electrical insulation, heat insulation, surface covering of PVC products. Currently, Woochangchem has exported to 25 countries around the world such as China, Thailand,

Maro chip is a company specializing in producing instant seaweed snacks with many unique flavors. Between two lavers is added various toppings such as coconut, cheese, anchovy, wasabi, almond, and grains. Marochip’s seaweed uses drying technology, does not fry with oil, bakes 2 times to ensure safety for health, suitable for all family members. K-fish

WESS MEASUREMENT Vision: Be global leader of measuring instrument 2020 Slogan: 1st in min, 1st 人 mind Values: Develop the first and best products & services Create additional values Understand industrial & manufacturing process  

Shingi Company is a manufacturer supplying fertilizer and soil for many farms throughout Korea. With the motto of producing healthy soil, creating a bright future with customers, Shingi Company constantly invests in production and creates leading technology and quality products. Shingi has improved the physical, chemical, and micro-organisms in the soil to increase the growth of

Y&B Food is a company that manufactures frozen foods and is the first company in Korea to produce So-tteok sotteok. This product has appeared on Korean TV shows and has become a superstar at once.  Y&B Food has created tteokbokki with 5 sauces corresponding to 5 colors: Original taste (pink) Jajang sauce (purple) Cheese flavor