Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd., a company for a strong tomorrow. Since its establishment in 1998 to manufacture and supply feed additives and antibiotic substitutes, Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd. has continued to grow as a result of striving to play a part in improving livestock production capacity and efficient livestock management. In order to prepare countermeasures, we are devoting our capabilities to advance into the bio-industry and food sector with extraordinary interest and constant research and development. Today, the livestock industry, like other industries, is committed to customer-first. Safety is more important than ever in the past, and the production of environmentally harmless products is urgently required. Currently, many countries, including Europe, Japan, and the United States, recognize the harmful effects of antibiotic abuse and strictly regulate and prohibit the use of antibiotics on livestock. In addition, there are various harmful substances that threaten the normal life of mankind, such as the use of LMOs (Living Modified Organisms), substances containing environmental hormones produced from inappropriate environments, and the environment of serious diseases such as mad cow disease. This situation increases the burden of feed prices by directly or indirectly restricting the use of raw materials by livestock feed manufacturers and suppliers, and acts as a factor that makes farm management difficult for livestock producers. Therefore, Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd. seeks new feed substitutes, focuses on the development and supply of high-functional feed additives and antibiotic substitutes with excellent safety, and based on the management philosophy of “Benefiting the human world”. As a pioneer in the bio-industry, we will continue to invest in technology and make efforts. Thank you.