Meeting online between Vietnamese company and Marochip

Online meeting between Vietnamese company and Marochip took place in early December at Chungcheongnam-do Economy Promotion Agency, Ha Noi.

Participants: Mr. Park – Manager of Marochip, Mr. Lee ( Representative Office Director of CEPA), Ms. Minh ( Deputy Marketing Manager of CEPA), Mr. Binh (CEO), Ms. Mai (Business Manager).

Marochip is a company specializing in manufacturing instant seaweed products with many unique flavors. Between the layers of conifers are covered with copra, cheese, tuna, wasabi mustard, almonds, etc. 70% of Marochip’s output is exported to countries around the world such as the US, Russia, China, and Indonesia. Especially, instant seaweed products for children are very popular in Malaysia and Singapore.

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